Patriotic music of Überstadt

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The patriotic music of Überstadt has consisted throughout its history primarily of its national anthems, legally designated and otherwise. The former anthems, especially Tequila!, are still associated with Überstadti nationalism today.


The first Überstadti anthem, as established by the kritarchial constitution, was Tequila! by The Champs. It was chosen rather arbitrarily by the planning committee, who were seeking for an anthem an existing song that was catchy and recognizable. This iconic hit proved popular among patriots and casual citizens alike. It is still associated with the Überstadti state today, and is considered part of its patriotic canon.

O Home Beloved

O Home Beloved is a Christian hymn associated with patriotism and a general love on one's home, particularly of the nature found there. It was chosen when a more solemn anthem was sought to replace Tequila!, and only the first verse was ever used.


O home belov'd, wheree'er I wander
On foreign land or distant sea
As time goes by my heart grows fonder
And longs more lovingly for thee!
Though fair be nature's scenes around me
And friends are ever kind and true
Though joyous mirth and song surround me
My heart, my soul still yearn for you!

Long Live Überstadt

The first change in anthem under the monarchy was made with the intent to adopt one that contained lyrics specific to Überstadt. King Adam personally wrote Long Live Überstadt as an answer to that demand. It is set to the tune of the Marcha Real, known for being the anthem of Spain. It was only ever performed as the instrumental Spanish march. Its lyrics have been seen as communicating an antiquated view of Überstadti culture, with an emphasis placed upon political institutions and legalism. Nevertheless, the lyrics are still seen as the first patriotic poem written by an Überstadti, and have been associated by some citizens with the current anthem.


Long live Überstadt!
We raise our voice together
To sing for our love
Of our triumphant land!

Long live Überstadt!
Our praise to sing forever
To our saving king,
Who reigns with even hand!

We love thy fields
And the seagulls that soar
Beneath the azure sky
Above the waving trees.

We love thy law
And the justice that for
Our proud people doth rule
Fraught with mercy and peace.

Long Live Überstadt! was later replaced by the instrumental Marcha Real.

Our Day of Glory

The present national anthem is Our Day of Glory with lyrics by King Adam set to the tune of the Marseillaise by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle.