Patriotic Right-wing Movement

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Patriotic Right-wing movement
Патриотски Правицови Покрет
LeaderPravoslav Kosnickij
FoundedJanuary 2015
Ideology • Centrism
Official coloursBlack, White
Imperial State Duma
1 / 11

The Patriotski Pravicovi Pokret (Serbian: Патриотски Правицови Покрет) is a patriotic, center to right-wing authoritarian party founded by the Aikavian politican Pravoslav Kosnickij together with his two friends. It originates form Aikavia in mid-january 2015.


The party has its ideological basis in :

  • Authoritarianism
  • Chetnikism
  • Kolčakism
  • Christian solidarity
  • Clericalism
  • Monarchism
  • patriotism
  • nationalism

It has labelled the enemies of the party "as čiča Draža said our enemies are:"the partisans, the Ustasha, the Muslims, the Croats and last the Germans and Italians" in that order. However to be precise of what we mean by this , I tell you that today it is not so. Our main enemies are:

  • Bolševiks
  • Fascists
  • Jihadists
  • Pseudoliberal activists
  • Foreign occupants


  • Foreign policy: Recogniye the Kingdom of Tavolara,condemn the Armenian, Pontic, and Assyrian genocide and condemn the kemalist regime, provide support to Assyrian people, militias and heroes fighting a jihadist terrorist group. Condemn persecution of Coptsd.
  • Culture: Promote people using the Syriac alphabet also the Coptic alphabet they too are part of Christian world. The party supports freedom of religion A to Z (any religion prasing the God of Abraham or following the teachings of Zoroaster). However any religion which promotes hatred and jihad is not a religion of peace
  • Administrative reforms

Speech in the Duma

Greetings. As the leader of the Patriotski Pravicovi Pokret I wish that our party will become a constructive partner in Ashukov politics.Our priorities are to promote the culture of Christianity and defend it against bolsheviks fascists jihadists and pseudoliberal activists. Our priorities in foreign policy are to recognize the Kingdom of Tavolara which is still legally independent from Italy. Also we should show solidarity with our Christian brothers from Syria Egypt and Assyria. We should provide support for Assyrians who are defending their homeland against jihadists who wish to exterminate them. Also we must not recognize any country who commits genocide of Christians. We do not want Ashukovo to shake hands with a dirty kemalist government.

In culture we are for a freedom of religion A to Z. Anyone is free to praise the God of Abraham or followsthe teachings of Zoroaster. Also we would like to promote other Orthodox culture not only Slavic or Greek.

Election participation

  • 2015: Primary candidate: Pravoslav Kosnickij.
    • Other: Fadi Bidavid