Caesar Stamatios

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Caesar Stamatios
House House of Imvrassia
Born 8 June 2007 (2007-06-08) (age 14)
Hellenic Republic Flag of Greece.png
Religion Greek Orthodox

Caesar Stamatios is an Imvrassian prince, member of the Imperial House of Imvrassia.

Micronational life

His Highness has not yet played an active role in the political life of the State, but he has been appointed as a member of the Privy Council and as a minister without portofolio of the government. After the Karno-Ruthenian Imperial Decree n. 106-2017, Stamatios as a member of the House of Imvrassia holding Argadian citizenship was granted the title of Prince of Argadia. On 30 November 2018 the Crown according to the new policy of the titles of nobility, awarded him the title of Patrikios. By royal decree on 8 June 2019 he was promoted to the title of Caesar and became Heir of the Throne. Following Argadia's independence, the titles of the members of the House within Karnia-Ruthenia were abolished. After the upgrade of Argadia to Kingdom, the new Monarch gave to the members of the House the title of Prince and Princess of Argadia, but these titles were nulled after the union of Argadia with Imvrassia.

Official titles

His Highness, Caesar Stamatios of Imvrassia.
Η Αυτού Υψηλότητα ο Καίσαρας Σταμάτιος της Ιμβρασίας.

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