Passport of Sacrée

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Sacréeian passport
caption = Cover page of the Sacréeian passport.
Cover page of the Sacréeian passport.
Issued by Sacrée Republic
EligibilitySacréeian citizenship

The Sacréeian passport is an identity document issued upon the laws of the Sacrée Republic (SR) for the citizen of the SR. For the general purposes of identity certification Sacréeian passports contained such data as name, date of birth, sex, place of birth, ethnicity and citizenship, as well as the photo of passport holder. At different stages of development of the Sacréeian passport system they could also contain information on: place of work, social status (marriage, children) and some other supporting information needed for those agencies and organizations to which the Soviet citizens used to appeal.


The Sacréeian passport is not recognized by most Macronations, however there are Micronations which accept this passport in its borders, the passport is limited to the Empire of Kapreburg and the Kingdom of Baustralia.