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Passports of the Pangavian People's Democratic Republic are issued by the Pangavian government for identity purposes and to facilitate international travel. Regular passports (or a travel document) are mandatory for citizens from 13 years of age and are available for a service fee. Travel documents with a validity of a maximum of a quarter year are free of charge. Passports are valid for 1 year (holder is older than 18 years) or half a year (holder is younger than 18 years).

Types of passports

All passports bear the embossed coat of arms in the centre. The words "PANGAWISCHE VOLKSDEMOKRATISCHE REPUBLIK" (Pangavian People's Democratic Republic) are inscribed above the coat of arms, with its English, Russian and Mandarin expressions below it. As well inscribed below the coat of arms are the respective passport types.

Regular passport

Regular passports are issued to citizens for travel and identification purposes.

Diplomatic passport

Diplomatic passports are issued to all members of the diplomatic corps in order to ensure unfettered travel on duty.

Official passport

Official passports are issued to all members of government.

Emergency passport

Emergency passports are issued as temporary travel documents to asylum seekers or to any other person in special circumstances requiring a temporary passport.


The Pangavian passport is entitled in its 4 official languages German, English, Russian and Mandarin Chinese.