Palm Republic

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Palm Republic
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With peace comes paradise
Capital cityParadise City

Basic Information

The Palm Republic is a self declared Micronation that has claims to islands in the Caribbean but has two land claims in the U.S. state of Virginia. The Palm Republic is built on the Love of Freedom and Justice. Its Government has one person who runs it the Grand Chancellor who runs everything including, military, records, and money. He also elects the Council Of Governors and his General Secretary.


The Palm Republic began when a group of Americans wanted to have an island paradise without corruption. so they declared their land the Palm Republic and it has spread from then, they now have a government and a capital. The Palm Republic has had one war it was a civil war between Reeces Rebels and the Palm Republic. It started as a spy war, and eventually the Palm Republic was victorious. The head spy of the Palm Republic used techniques to gain Reeces Rebels information and used it again them to win. There was one battle the Battle of Salisbury which was a Stalemate with only a few shots fired at Reeces Rebels some which are to be believed hit Reeces Rebels leader. After the first battle there was a peace treaty signed, The Peace Treaty of Castle Bridge which got rid of Reeces Rebels and made the two sides join again.


The Palm Republic is ruled by the Council Of Governors, which are the people the Chancellor trusts the most. They help him decide on issues facing the nation or if they should take military action against another nation. These are people the Chancellor picks himself and they stay with him until he chooses his successor. The Chancellor chooses a General Secretary which co runs military.