Pagar Karat

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Pagar Karat district
Daerah Pagar Karat
دايره ڤاݢر کارا
Daeghoh Pago Kkaghak

Old elephant.jpg

Districts of Bascal
Motto: Daerah Bersejarah
The historical district
Eastern part of Bascal
CapitalJalan Rumput
Founded2005 or 2006
AreaSmallest District in Bascal
Pagar Karat is a district in Bascal


Pagar Karat (English: Rotten Fence) formerly known as Old Elephant is a district located at eastern part in the State of Bascal. It is one of the oldest district in Bascal and also one of the 5 original districts of Bascal (Other than Padang Hijau, Kamp Basca, Singapore Street and Bukit Guling). Onced a teritorry part of Singapore Street and then Kamp Basca until 2009, it becamed an independent district of Bascal. Pagar Karat is also know as the "Forgotten District" because it doesn't bring any importance to the country's Economy.


It only consists a narrow road stretched from Hutan Sembelih and Padang Hijau (through Jalan Kucing Mapuh connected to Limpah Budu) to the north and connected to Kamp Basca by green road in the South. On the eastern border is Malaysia (fenced), the west are Singapore Street Autonomous District and Ayer City-District.


Pagar Karat is divided into 2 areas that is

  • Jalan Rumput area
  • Ujong area