Orphanian Republic

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Flag of the Orphanian Republic

Orphanian Republic was a micronation in northern Illinois and in southern Wisconsin. The nation was led by Premier Robbins. It was formerly an Empire but underwent governmental changes over the summer of 2010. Although the Orphanian Republic is no longer an empire, its government kept the title of the "Imperial Marines" the same as a tribute to the original government.


North American

The Orphanian Republic claimed the northeastern part of Illinois and the southeastern part of Wisconsin. The claims made by the Orphanian Republic did not include the city of Chicago in order to not intrude or overlap the Empire of New Europe's claim on their capital city.


The Orphanian Republic claimed the Balleny Islands and Sturge Island, although it was not recognized due to a later claim by another micronation.

The Military

The main branch of the Orphanian Republic's military were the Imperial Marines.

1st Battalion

This was the largest battalion. It consisted of several branches:

  1. First Regiment. All infantry. These are the grunts. They are the ground troops used by the Orphanian Republic. It also consists of a sniper unit. Also known as Batallion 1-1.
  2. Second Regiment. These are the Imperial Engineers. They deal with anything the marines need built or destroyed. Also known as Battalion 1-2.

2nd Battalion

This battalion was smaller but still equally powerful.

  1. First Regiment. All infantry. Many of them are tacticians and design strategies, but they are still the grunts. Also known as Battalion 2-1.


  • In the capital city is the Premier and general's homes. The Premier's home is referred to as the Premier's Stronghold.
  • In the second major city/base is known as The Far North by many of the troops of our fine military.

Awards, Medals, and Decorations

Shogun Cross

This award is awarded to members of the military of the Orphanian Republic or the militaries of allied nations. It is awarded to those who have bravely lead troops to victory in combat.

  • Abbreviation: SHO.
  • Recipients:
  1. HIH Crown Prince Jonathan of Austenasia
  2. Gen. Sir Ryan Dickinson, KCP of Austenasia
  3. Lieutenant Sir Hayes, KOM of Austenasia

Victory Medal

This medal is awarded to the soldiers of Orphanian and Allied militaries, who have claimed victory in a conflict that the Orphanian Republic was involved in. The name of the award can vary from conflict to conflict.

  • Abbreviation: VACW
  • Variants: Victory in the Austenasian Civil War
  • Recipients: All soldiers of the Loyalist Armies Durring the Austenasian Civil War.

Orphanian Government Agencies

Intermicronational Affiliations

United Micronations (UMN)- An organization based on youtube.

The League of Micronations for the Benefits of Technology (LMBT)


New Years Day January 1
V-A Day (Victory in Austenasia) May 24
Independence Day July 2
Easter Varries
Flandrensis Day December 3

December 25

About the Holidays

V-A Day- This commemerates the day that the Austenasian Civil War officially ended with the victory of the loyalist side.

Independence Day- The day the Orphanian Republic Declared its independence.

Flandrensis Day- This day celebrates the micronation that took the Orphanian Republic under its wing. This is the day that the Orphanian Republic became a vassal of Flandrensis. The Orphanian Republic considers the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis one of its closest allies.