Orinto Empire

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Orinto Emprie
Coat of arms
Motto: "We fight for justice."
Anthem: Life
Largest cityAlae
Official languagesPersian
GovernmentFederal Empire
• Emperor
Emperor Artan I
• Prime Minister
Soheyl Ariamanesh
LegislatureParliament of Orinto
EstablishmentJuly 27, 2014
Time zoneUTC +10

The Orinto Empire (Persian: امپراتوری اورینتو) was an enclave and exclave micronation with self-proclaimed territories in Iran, Azerbayecan, Persian gulf, planet Mars and planet Venus. Its capital city, sambana is located in Valle orinto, a region of orinto, iran،gilan, making it the core of the micronation. The official languages were persian (de jure and de facto). The official religion (secular) but The majority of Muslims are moderate and secular . The national animal originates from the House of Leopard And population according to the census of 2015 is twenty-two people , compared to 2014, , forty percent Increase of the population is


Orinto word Esperanto means the East is the name of the 25 July 2014 by the emperor Artan I was chosen as the official name of the country was on the ballot primarily to the East is East, which has a long history and ancient civilization is. Orinto word is originally a Orinto word that has entered the language Esperanto in ancient Persian word Oran East have been


Country is a constitutional monarchy governed by all laws passed by Parliament. If the Emperor is unfit to run the country's parliament has ousted him and Someone else from the royal family as the Emperor select But since all members of Parliament, members of the party early (pro-empire party), Parliament has limited powers.The federal system in the country runs and each city has its own powers.


Orinto politics is the politics of moderation and impartial and Orinto Empire has always tried to be a moderate and maintain diplomatic relations with other states.Emperor's orinto has said we're going to different countries officially established diplomatic ties with any religion and language, and that our country is secular, but there can not tolerate Islamophobia countries Because our people are Muslim and cannot tolerate an insult to their religion or beliefs.