Organization of North American Micronations

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The Organization of North American Micronations (ONAM) was established in early 2012 by Brogenia and is an organization that provides support and aid to it's member nations. ONAM was disestablished and labeled 'inactive' around June 2012. It is now a defunct and inactive organization.


ONAM is an organization that supports and aids it's member nations in times of crisis, such as starvation, natural disasters, war, disease, and other problems that might occur. The decisions of the organization are passed by the ONAM Assembly which consists of 1 ambassador from every member nation. ONAM is run by a Secretary-General that is elected by the ambassadors. The current Secretary-General is Brandon Kim, from Brogenia.


1. The micronation must be in North America (this includes the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Greenland).

2. You must have an official website, blog, forum, etc.

3. You must have someone as the ambassador to represent your micronation.

4. You must have an official email so ONAM can stay in contact if there are any problems.

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