Organisation of United Micronations (2012)

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For the numerous other organisations of the same name, see United Micronations (disambiguation).

The United Micronations
International Micronational Organisation

Headquarters Headquarters Forum

Official languages English, Français, Deutsch, Pусский, Español.

Member-nations 2
Provisional Member-nations 0
Observer Nations 0

Chairman Cédric Dyer
President of the Micronational Security Council TBD
President of the Primary Assembly TBD

– Foundation 9 June 2012
– Charter Ratified 9 June, 2012
– Last Charter Ratifacation 9 June, 2012 (by Saint-Germaine and Havnesgade-Amager)

The United Micronations is an micronational organisation whose purpose is to promote micronational cooperation, peace, and stability. It was founded on June 9, 2012 by M. Henri Charron of The Republic of Saint-Germaine and Mr. Lule Albertschine of Havnesgade-Amager in order to establish a new liason between the micro and macronational communities. Starting in March 2012, Henri Charron began to draft what is now known as the Charter of the United Micronations he later sent a translated copy of his draft to Mr. Albertschine who signed it on behalf of the Federal Republic of Havnesgade-Amager thus creating the United Micronations. To this day the United Micronations are accepting any micronation that can prove it has physical claims into its chambers.

The United Micronations prides itself in being one of very few intermicronational organisations that have more than one official language thus allowing for a wider variety of micronationalist communities to be accomodated. Sadly enough, the United Micronations has falling into inactivity.