Order of the Lóng

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Order of the Lóng
Badge of the Order of the Lóng.png
Official Order's badge

Ribbon of the Order of the Lóng.png
Official ribbon
Awarded by the Emperor of Beiwan
CountryFlag of Beiwan.png Greater Beiwanese Empire
EligibilityIndividuals with many years of outstanding accomplishments, particularly in public and political life.
StatusCurrently constituted
Established20 August 2014
First awarded20 August 2014

The Order of the Lóng or sometimes Order of the Lóng Dragon is an Order presented by the Beiwanese Government. Established in 2014 during the Liu-kuang era as the highest award; however, since 2014 it has been an Order in its own right. The only grade of the order is Grand Cordon of the Order of the Lóng. Traditionally, the order has been conferred upon eminent statesmen, former prime ministers and senior cabinet ministers, diplomats and judges. It may be conferred posthumously, and is the highest regularly conferred honor in the Beiwanese honors system.


There's only 3 grades in wich the member is capable of evolving through the 2 first levels, these are:

  • Grand Cordon - The one who commands the order.
  • Grand Dragon Warrior - With only 3 vacant seats, this grade is reserved for the most renowned names of the order.
  • Dragon Warrior - This grade is for the "normal" members.


Grand Cordon

  • 1 - Flag of Beiwan.png HIM Emperor Liu-kuang (20 August 2014)

Grand Dragon Warrior

Dragon Warrior

  • 5 - Bandeira.png Prince D. Guilherme I (23 August 2014)
  • 6 - vacant
  • 7 - vacant
  • 8 - vacant
  • 9 - vacant
  • 10 - vacant
  • 11 - vacant
  • 12 - vacant
  • 13 - vacant