Order of Valacirca

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Order of Academic Merit|-
Awarded by the Kingdom of Hanover
Type Dynastic Order of Chivalry
Awarded for Significant Personal Achievement
Status Currently awarded
Established 28 February 1990
First awarded 18 June 1996
Last awarded 2013
Total awarded: 4
Next (higher) Order of the Dragon
Next (lower) Order of Academic Merit

The Order of Valacirca was founded in 1990 by the 17th Duke of Ozenne, Later HIM Emperor Ivan VII Aleksandrovytch of the Empire of Pavlov, as an award for his close personal friends who had distinguished themselves in some significant manner. The Order is limited to seventeen members seven of whom constitute the membership of the Order of Menelvagor. The Order comes in one class. The insignia of the order consists of a silver Tudor rose with black enamel petals in the center is a medallion representing the constellation Ursa Major and is worn suspended from a red neck ribbon. The Order of Valacirca is a dynastic order of the House of de Whyte


Neck Badge of the Order(2013)

The Order comes in one class, Knight.


First Class (KV)

  • HIM Emperor Ivan VII of Pavlov: 1990
  • His Grace the Duke of Northshore: 1990
  • The Rt. Hon the Countess of Valka: 1996
  • The Rt. Hon. the Baroness of Dacil: 1996