Order of Free Renasian Paragons

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The Order of the Free Renasian Paragons, known more shortly as the Free Renasian Macrohonours are a set of 13 awards given each year to those members of the macronational community who it has been decided have made great contributions to one or more fields which are held as in line with the aims and ideals of the Free State of Renasia. These people may be from any field or area of work, and the awards are decided on the 1st of February of every given year. They began following the reform of Renasia in 2012.

2012 Series

Picture of Recipient Recipient Name Area of Work Awarded For
FSRHonFry.jpg Stephen Fry Author, Actor, Comedian "For considerable work in the promotion of enlightenment values, for great contribution to the arts, for great work in charity raising awareness for multiple valiant causes. The very model of a modern enlightened gentleman"
FSRHonCroshaw.jpg Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw Video Games Critic, Author "For advancing the cause for video games as a form of contemporary art, for great contribution to critiquing, for consistently seeking to raise awareness of games of genuine caliber over the modern generic clones."
FSRHonNotch.jpg Markus Persson Games development "For the creation of a simple, yet infinitely adaptable creativity sandbox which has helped out members to work together, to think creatively and has brought us endless hours of happiness."
FSRHonGreydon.jpg Greydon Square Musician and rap artist "For showing that rap can be as refined, intelligent and deep as every other genre. For expressing the beauty of the natural world through music and serving to further ideas about the beauty of scientific naturalism."
FSRHonTyson.jpg Neil deGrasse Tyson Astronomer "For bringing the beauty of science, and its powerful ability to reveal the truth, to a new generation, for continuing the legacy of the great Carl Sagan and for showing the world the true beauty of the Cosmos"
FSRHonO'Malley.jpg Brian Lee O'Malley Comic book artist and writer "For creating, in the form of the graphic novel, two wonderful stories for the modern era in the forms of Scott Pilgrim and Lost at Sea. A true artisan"
FSRHonCox.jpg Brian Cox Physicist and author "For his work on myriad of popular science programs, his tireless enthusiasm for the beauty of nature and his enlightening literary works."
FSRHonMinchin.jpg Tim Minchin Musician "For his contribution to comedy and music, his piercing wit and his keen sense of observation, for his musical debunking of nonsense and non sequitur, and his continued show of appreciation of the beauty of the universe as it is"
FSRHonGervais.jpg Ricky Gervais Comedian and actor "For his keen dissection of important issues, his contributions to comedy and his defense reasoned and enlightened thinking"
FSRHonMerchant.jpg Stephen Merchant Comedian, actor and voice actor "For his truly inspired comedy, his contribution to the arts and his gleaming performance as Wheatley in Portal 2"
FSRHonMunroe.jpg Randall Munroe Webcomic writer and artist, roboticist "For his continued witty and intelligent webcomic, xkcd, for his exposition of the beauty of scientific naturalism, and for bringing science and mathematics to a wider audience using humour and and a myriad of interesting characters"
FSRHonHussie.jpg Andrew Hussie Webcomic writer and artist "For creating and incredibly intricate and convoluted webcomic masterpiece spanning time, space and multiple other places altogether"
FSRHonPoliakoff.jpg Martyn Poliakoff Chemist and science populiser "For bringing the joys of science, and the human elements of the process, to the fore, and providing many people, scientists and lay people alike with a series of entertaining stories, anecdotes and facts about the incredible realm of chemistry"