Order of Dushanov

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Order of Dushanov
Орден Душанов
Awarded by the Cheslovian Federation
Type: War and civilian medal
Eligibility: Awarded for exceptional services leading to prosperity and glory to Cheslovia. Can also be awarded for the sacrifice of one's personal valuable items for the benefit of the nation.
Established: 2009
First Awarded:
Distinct Recipients:

The Order of Dushanov was one of the first new versions of Cheslovian medal created in 2009, the ribon which holds them is made of fabric and coloured with paint, they are attatched to the medal with super glue. They were all made of compressed tin foil calved into shape with markings or text painted/calved into it. This new wave of medals will replace the old, poor quality medals of the Principality of Kaznia, which were all a rectangular piece of paper with different colours.