Operation Voyager

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Operation Voyager, also known as the annexation of Sellic Woods, happened on November, 26th, 2017. The woods were taken over by a small ISI strikeforce, the invaders met no resistance


ISI Self Defense Force:

Platoon A (1st Battalion)

1st K-9 squad (1st Battalion)


Around 12:20 PM, EST, Platoon A crossed into the woods, quickly securing a small outpost near the trail. The K-9 unit entered the woods 1–3 minutes later and they secured the Eastern Wood. The K-9 unit soon returned to the LZ (Landing Zone).

Western Wood

Close to 1:00 PM, EST, Platoon A crossed over to the Western Wood. Facing no resistance, the Western Wood was also conquered.

Casualties Not entirely familiar with the terrain, one soldier became stuck in thorns. Platoon A briefly got lost, before finding and meeting up with the K-9 unit.