Operation: Internal Destruction

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Operation: Internal Destruction (OID) was a military operation that took place on 4 January 2009 13:52 pm, in which a citizen of Cheslovia (actually a spy working for the Cheslovian Ministry of Intelligence) entered the government building of Izkaria and stole back various Cheslovian government files stored on a memory card that had been stolen shortly before the establishment of Izkaria.

The mission was a success and all files were returned to the Musorov Kremlin in the same condition as before the theft took place, the files contained what is currently being used as the Izkarian flag and coat of arms and also name that was to be used for places or are currently being used by Cheslovia, names such as Igren, Damos, Zoltan and even Izkaria and Izkar. The memory card also stored top secret Cheslovian files, it is unknown ton the public if these files were viewed by the Izkar Confederacy.

Whilst inside the Izkarian government building, the Cheslovian spy stole an Izkarian computer file which contained prototype "Izkym" banknotes. The notes were not finished. The spy deleted the original Izkym banknotes stored on the Izkar computer.

Appearance of the Izkym bank note

The Izkym banknote is coloured green and has many wavy lines in different shades of green on the left and right sides of the note. In the centre is a picture of the Virgin Mary as seen on the Izkarian flag and coat of arms. On the left side of the note, the name "IZKYM" appears in different shades of green. It is unknown what value the Izkym note was going to have, as the Izkar government did not finish the design.

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