Olcut II, Chieften of the Moon

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Olcut II
'Olcut the Great'
Chieften of the Moon
PredecessorOlcut I
SuccessorOlcut III
Bornc. 1994

Olcut II, also known as Olcut the Great, was a Cheiften of the Chiefdom of the Moon during the Predynastic period of Wilcsland.

Olcut II organised and led the defence of the local Chiefdoms when they came under attack from a large group of western outsiders during his reign, ordering the manufacture of projectiles within the Chiefdom which were successfully used to fend off the attackers. These weapons eventually spread to the neighbouring Chiefdoms and became commonplace.

Olcut II is the second known Chieften of the Moon, succeeding Olcut I sometime in 1999 and succeeded by Olcut III later that year.

Olcut II, Chieften of the Moon
Royal titles
Preceded by
Olcut I
Chieften of the Moon
Succeeded by
Olcut III