North Jackia

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Democratic Islands of North Jackia
Flag of North Jackia
CapitalAilsa Craig
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesJackian
Demonym(s)North Jackian
• Overlord
Jackov Hodinski
• Rotorhead
Lukås Scandrolla

North Jackia, also known as the Democratic Islands of North Jackia (DINJ) and also the Empire of North Jackia, is an island based micronation founded on the 1st of September 2017, but claims to have existed since the dawn of time, it is seen as a propaganda state as much of the history and social life is controlled by the state and is filled with propaganda, so the actual history of the founding has been highly altered by the state.

North Jackia is governed and cared for by the supreme Overlord, Jackov Hodinski. His rise to the power is unknown.

North Jackia is an island based nation, claiming the territories of Ailsa Craig (the capitol), Rockall Island, the Lagoan Isles and certain Antarctic islands known to North Jackia as Antratica.


North Jackia is seen as a propaganda state, so a large amount of the history given is most likely propaganda given by the state.


The name of North Jackia supposedly, claimed by the state of North Jackia, was named after the supreme Overlord. The addition of the word “North” is partly unknown, but it is theorised that it stems from the old North Jackian folktale of “The Sunken Rotor”, which describes a second island south of Ailsa Craig which sunk to punish a Rotorhead which betrayed the Overlord.

The Founding

The state of North Jackia claims that North Jackia was founded when the people of North Jackia awoke on an island, birthed by the collision of light and earth. The island had no inhabitant, so it seemed. One of the people ventured to the top of the island where he met a divine being of light, a fallen angel. He met the Divine one. The person who saw him was Jackov Hodinski. The Divine one showed Jackov a map of the world and pin pointed certain points on the map, for those points were the territories which would belonged to these people and Jackov made it his goal in life to conquer these territories. Jackov then led his people to build the great nation of North Jackia. The Story of the founding is told to children on Foundation Day of North Jackia.

The 1869 Uprising

The 1869 Uprising, or also known as the Slovenky Punsch, occurred in the year 1869, where there was an attempted revolt against the Overlord, led by Adrian Slovenky. Adrian was a trusted sergeant of the Overlord, he didn't believe in the Overlords leadership and decided to betray Hodinski. The uprising was a complete failure and resulted in the imprisonment of Adrian. He later escaped imprisonment and led a second revolution on the small nations leader. This revolution was a lot more successful than the previous. The Overlord claimed to have foresaw this and fled to his trusted allies, the Canadians, whom to this day deny these claims.

As North Jackia was plunged into anarchy, the nation split. Ailsa Craig was split into three factions: The United Nation of Slovenky & Guilfoi (to the Northwest), Macarraz (to the South) and Planatrai (to the East).

All the other territories split off and formed their own factions, Rockall became Van Bommel, the Lagoan Isles became Camelstein, the antarctic territories/Antratica became Tolgartrun, Borastan and The Republic of Puglia. There was a lot of infighting of these factions, especially between Tolgatrun and Van Bommel.

Due to the anarchy and infighting, it was easy for the Overlord to retake his land with the help of his Canadian allies, he brought back peace amongst the islands and rebuilt Norh Jackia. All the factions where reunited under North Jackia except for one, The Republic of Puglia had been the only faction which put no effort to fight other factions but rather spent its resources building a state and became fully independent.

The Killer Whale Movement

The Killer Whale movement was a recent event in North Jackian history, the precise dates are not known, where a group of radicals, known as the Killer Whales, wanted to reform the political system of North Jackia. They plotted tactical bombings of state buildings and mass hostage situations, even a plot was created to kidnap the Overlord and force him to change the political power.

The Overlord gave the order to search and arrest all members of the group. The efficiency of the police force led to all members easily being captured. The whereabouts of the holding is unknown.

The Annex of the Republic of Puglia

The Republic of Puglia had been a territory of North Jackia until the 1869 Uprising, where they claimed independence during the time of anarchy and chaos. They managed to build a self sustaining state with their own values and laws.

When North Jackia had been rebuilt they attempted to take back The Republic of Puglia but through a miracle Puglia managed to fend off North Jackia. North Jackia and Puglia then signed the Puglia-Hodinski treaty, allowing resource and military trade.

Sadly The Republic of Puglia after a couple of years wasn't faring well economically and was on the verge of a famine. North Jackia offered annexation and The Republic of Puglia put it up to a vote, which ended up 78% for annexation. Then The Republic of Puglia went from independent nation to a proud and respected territory of North Jackia.

Goverment and Politics

North Jackia claims to be a completely democratic nation with centrist ideologies, but reports show autocratic behavior with emprical goals.

At the top of the government there is the Overlord who overlooks everything. Next is the Rotorhead, who is the second most powerful individual in the country and runs the Rotorhead council who overlooks most of the conditions of the country and writes the documents the supreme Overlord can choose to sign. Next is the Lockhelmet, whose job is too manage the people of North Jackia and help keep order to the isles. There is the Bricklayer, who is responsible for the infrastructure of North Jackia and the transport of resources between the islands. Then the role of media and education control is done by the Culturehead, now this role unofficially makes the propaganda for North Jackia. If the Overlord dies, the Rotorhead then takes his place. The new Overlord must then choose his new Rotorhead and choose the council members who will run the Rotorhead council.

Law and Order

North Jackia follows most of the laws of the United Kingdom but with addition of certain laws:

- ID-Chiping at Birth

- Prudism

- Compuslery Organ Harvesting

- Anti-Contraception

- Anti-Abortion

- Parental Licensing

- Euthanasia

- National Curfew

- Anti-Gambeling

- Anti-Dissent

- Anti -Emigration & -Immigration

- Closed Borders

- Pro-Slavery

These Laws are enforced by a militarised police force and the state surveillance, controlled by the Lockhelmet. If laws are broken the guilty can receive corporal or capital punishment, the punishment is decided without a court case by the Lockhelmet. The law enforcement is never understaffed due to Conscriptions forced by the state.

National Symbols

National Animal

The national animal of North Jackia is the Penguin, due to the usage of the penguin in Divinist scriptures and in North Jackian Folklore.

The Overlord Phoenix

The Overlord Phoenix

The symbol of the phoenix represents the Overlord and his immortality. The phoenix is used to symbolise the lineage of the Overlord and every high ranking government official are represented with a phoenix to represent their loyalty to the immortal lineage of the Overlord.

The Flag

Flag of North Jackia

The Flag of North Jackia hasn't changed since the founding. The blue represents the oceans and seas, the white cross represent bridges being built to distant lands which lead to the centre where the Overlord Phoenix is placed, it represents the Overlord building bridges between the isles and uniting them under one flag.

The Ailsa Craig Foghorns

The Foghorns of Ailsa Craig, are the only remaining infrastructure of the long gone factions from the 1869 Uprising, they are meant to remind the people of how without the Overlord anarchy would rule.

Foreign Relations

North Jackia has a strict anti-emigration and –immagration laws. And are closed up from most of the world. So their foreign Relations are almost non existent. The only nations which North Jackia claim to have any relations with would be:

Flag Name Notes
The Republic of Puglia Involved in The Battle of Antratica Unification, involved in Puglia-Hodinski treaty, involved in annexation of Puglia
Canada Involved in 1869 Uprising, they deny any relation with North Jackia
Australia Involved in the Great Emu War, they deny any relation with North Jackia


Important note of culture in North Jackia: The state of North Jackia controls all media outlets and controls all forms of education, meaning much of the social life in North Jackia is filled with propaganda, including folklore, religions and other form of culture.


North Jackia has stated that the government has no effect on religion and all members are believed to follow the native religion of the Island. There is only one local religion that all the people follow.


North Jackians believe in the religion of Divinism. Divinism is the local religion of the nation. With a following of the entire nation itself, it stands as a popular standpoint for the people. Divinism is the worshipping of the fallen god “The Divine” who fell from the skies to the sacred island of North Jackia to help bring the nation to great victory in its global affairs. The religion also stands as one of the main motives of the nations peoples.

Sports and Competitions

Culturally, sports is hated by North Jackians, the reasoning for this is unknown. It is believed that the state has banned it due to unruly behaviour in young children.

Ailsa Craig Foghorn Run

The closest thing to a sport like event in North Jackia is the Ailsa Craig Foghorn Run, which involves a run around the entire island, which includes rock climbing, while carrying a bottle with a note inside stating a scripture of adolescence. This run is seen more as a passage of adulthood and as a military exercise for the youth.

The Rockall-Antratica Fishing Parade

Another sport like event is the Rockall-Antratica Fishing Parade, the rival provinces have a competition of which one can fish at a higher rate. Both provinces start at their province with one boat and travel to the other province while attempting to catch fish, the one with the most fish compared to time at sea wins. It is a dangerous competition due to the danger and length of the journey. The competitions occurs every year starting at early Autumn and ends late Autumn, so that there is enough fish for winter.

The fish parade isn't seen as a sport but more as a competition to increase fishing yield.

Province Cultures

North Jackia consists of many Islands which build the provinces of North Jackia. Each province has its own flag and certain cultural notes:

Flag Name Notes Culutral Notes
Ailsa Craig Capitol of North Jackia The Ailsa Craig Foghorn Run, Foghorn playing during celebrations
Rockall First conquered territory of North Jackia Rivalry with East Antractica, Rockall-Antratica Fishing Parade
Antratica Is split between east and west Rivalry with Rockall, Rockall-Antratica Fishing Parade
Puglia Used to be part of Antratica Is very patriotic, is more independentally controlled then the other provinces
Old FlagNew Flag The Lagoan Isles Most rebellious province It claims independence as the Grand Duche of The Lagoan Isles but North Jackia claims that the land historically belongs to them and refuses to see the Lagoan Isles as a nation. Still to this day tension rises between the Grand Duche of the Lagoan Isles and The Empire of North Jackia on the topic of who owns the Isles.

The People's Radio Centre

The People's Radio Centre is the only radio available to the public of North Jackia, it was established soon after the 1869 Uprising, with only one show playing called The People's Broadcast

The People's Broadcast

The Peoples Broadcast brings political news to the citizens of North Jackia, hosted by the Culturehead and featuring guests such as the Rotorhead, Bricklayer and occasionally the Overlord himself to bring encouragement to the citizens. The Peoples Broadcast is the longest running show on the Peoples Radio Centre and also the longest running show in North Jackia.


It has been reported that the Peoples Radio Centre has attempted other shows besides the Peoples Broadcast, but such news has not been confirmed.


Propaganda is a daily occurrence in North Jackia and some of the propaganda has been spotted and recorded and a basic timeline of certain examples of propaganda has been created:

Pre-1869 Uprising

Pre-1869 Uprising Propaganda

Pre-1869 Uprising Propaganda was created to convince and glorify the invasions of Islands to the people of North Jackia. The example we have celebrates the capture of Antratica, mount Ross signifying Antratica.

Mid-1869 Uprising

Mid-1869 Uprising Propaganda

Mid-1869 Uprising Propaganda was created while Adrian Sloveky was captured and the state attempted to halt any form of revolts The example we have shows police power rather than unification, meaning they attempted to use force to hold back revolts.

Post-1869 Uprising

Post-1869 Uprising Propaganda

Post-1869 Uprising Propaganda was created to remind the people of the death toll created by the Uprising, to stop them from revolting. The example we have shows a North jackian officer executing a penguin which should represent a North Jackian citizen.

Killer Whale Movement

Anti Killer Whale Propaganda

Propaganda during The Killer Whale Movement was created to lure Killer Whale members into a false sense of security. The example we have shows that the state wants independent thinkers to rise and help the state rather than fight.


The People's Radio Centre:

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