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The New Worcester Kingdom is a micronation based in the United Kingdom with citizens from several countries.


The New Worcester Kingdom was founded in 1998 by Nicholas James Bridgewater (later styled King Nicholas I), as a monarchy. The name derives from the fact that King Nicholas was born in Worcester. It was re-founded as the Ancient Republic-Kingdom of Upper and Lower Habakkuk in Amon-Ra on August 2, 2000, but has been re-founded once more as the New Worcester Kingdom on August 2, 2001, the third anniversary of it independence.

As the New Worcester Kingdom has continued its existence, its goals have become more clear. It generally supports all constitutional monarchies, and the re-establishment of deposed dynasties. However: “This Micronation shall promote the brotherhood of mankind, and peace, respect, and friendship between all micronations. It shall promote micronational fun, the pursuit of wisdom and the joys of nation-building. Its citizens shall build a new nation, beyond the strict boundaries of terrestrial territory. Its physical heart may one day be the historic City of Worcester, but its citizens shall come from all nations, genders and races.” -Constitution of the People of the New Worcester Kingdom, Sec. 1:2

The New Worcester Kingdom is a hereditary, constitutional monarchy, and the government is divided into the King (executive), Parliament (legislative)and House of Lords (judicial). The King may appoint hereditary nobles, ministers, et cetera. The House of Lords is composed of 9 such nobles, appointed by the King. Parliament is the law-making body, composed of all Esterite (an Esterite is any citizen of the New Worcester Kingdom) citizens. The current Prime Chief and Minister of Foreign Afffairs/Citizenship is: His Grace the Duke of Zait Donal (Dan Means) deLinkonzait.


The Kingdom consists of 9 provinces:

  1. Babal;
  2. Keran;
  3. Nonos;
  4. Neros;
  5. Intos;
  6. Insulas;
  7. Erosmidea;
  8. Bucca; and
  9. Worcester

Language and Media

The official language is English but some of the older laws of the Kingdom have been translated into Vocatae, a constructed language developed by King. The official newspaper has traditionally been the "King's Paper".

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