New Ruthenia

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Cooperative Republic of Ruthenia

Official language(s)None (American English de facto)
ReligionNone (Catholicism de facto)
DemonymNew Ruthenian
GovernmentUnitary Democratic Constitutional Presidential Republic
- ArchchancellorCinnamon
LegislatureSupreme Soviet
CurrencyNew Ruthenian Escudo
Time zoneRuthenian Daylight Time
National animalFerret

The Cooperative Republic of New Ruthenia is a country in North America, made up of multiple small enclaves in the US state of Maryland. The Head of State and Head of Government is the Archchancellor, who is elected by all citizens. The Archchancellor has the ability to introduce bills to the legislature, the Supreme Soviet, although this is currently irrelevant as the Archchancellor currently has a seat in the Soviet in his own right.


On November 22, 2020, the Soviet Republic of New Ruthenia declared independence. The Downz, a nation which fragmented into Ruthenia and a Downz rump state, opposed independence as the leader was a Downian citizen. There was a brief state of war with no physical violence, after which the Downz recognized the fledgling country. Later, New Ruthenia declared itself as a protectorate of the Downz, and took the name of the Soviet Commonwealth of New Ruthenia. Later, they removed themselves of protectorate status, becoming fully independent again. On January 7, two more people joined as citizens. They were granted districts in the Soviet, bringing the size of the parliament up to three. Later, Soviet districts were abolished, allowing all citizens to join. In the January 31st election, the leftist SDP and conservative RPP rallied around RPP candidate theangryone against the Elvish candidate Estel, which gave them the victory. Theangryone later resigned in favor of Vice Archchancellor Cinnamon. Former Archchancellor XP_Studios remains an important member of the cabinet; he is the Protonotary of State, Treasury, and Elections.


The Legislature of New Ruthenia is the unicameral Supreme Soviet. Every Ruthenian citizen has a right to join the Soviet unless they have been banned from doing so. There are currently six members, four in political parties, and two independents. Political Parties:
Social Distributist Party (2 seats): Social Distributism, Social Democracy, Christian Democracy, Leftism
Liberty Party (1 seat): Conservatism, Moderate Rightism (formerly Pink Party)
Elvish Party (1 seat): Radical Rightism, Oligarchism, Catholic Tyrannicism