New Kingdom of Yugoslavia

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New Kingdom of Yugoslavia
Ново Краљевство Југославије

New Kingdom of Yugoslavia.pngYugoslav Emblem.svg

Brotherhood and unity, once again"
Hej Sloveni
Capital cityTitograd
Official language(s)English, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Bosnian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Albanian, Hungarian
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameNew Yugoslavia
DemonymNew Yugoslav, Newgoslav (rare)
GovernmentCommunist State
- Comrade Dictator SenpaiAvgustus Von Straumanović
Established5 October 2018
CurrencyNew Yugoslav Dinar
Time zoneMountain Time
National sportSmrta-lopta
National animalEagle

The New Kingdom of Yugoslavia is a micronation founded on 5 October 2018 after a coup by Comrade Dictator Senpai Avgustus Von Straumanović overthrew the monarchy of the Kingdom of Domustan. It was founded on the ideology of Titoism, a branch of communism associated with Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito. It occupies territory in the western United States and on Hatohobei Island in Palau.


The term "Yugoslavia" means "land of the southern Slavs".


On April 18, 2018, the Kingdom of Domustan seceded from the United States. On October 15, 2018, a coup attempt by Avgustus Von Straumanović ended up in the monarchy being ousted to form the New Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The nation decided to embrace a Titoist worldview.

Government and politics

New Yugoslavia is ruled by Comrade Dictator Senpai Avgustus Von Straumanović. He is a member of the ruling Partisan Army of New Yugoslavia, and he has absolute power over the country.

Law and order


Foreign relations

New Yugoslavia recognizes all UN member states as well as these countries:

Abkhazia Kosovo Nagorno-Karabakh Palestine (UN observer state) Sealand Somaliland Vatican City (UN observer state)

The New Kingdom has cordial relations with the Kingdom of Sweden and the Republic of Iceland and to a lesser extent, the Republic of Latvia. ComTatorPai went on a foreign trip to each of those countries before he took control over the Kingdom of Domustan.


New Yugoslav culture is very vivid. Humor is a staple of New Yugoslavian behavior, and its people can often be found watching Despacito 2 at lunch and terrorizing those who have betrayed the country. Local music in New Yugoslavia includes electronic music producer NOLLIJ and rising rapper Lil Pomp. (Yes, Pomp. Bootleg goods are very common here and even the musicians are off brands) Their virtual football team is the New Kingdom of Yugoslavia Football Association, nicknamed the Cool Comrades. New Yugoslav cuisine involves food from a variety of Eastern European cultures, including cevapi, semechki, kvass, and pīrādzini.


The NKY’s official newspaper is The Titoist, which is a Titoist-leaning newspaper based out of Titograd. It is entirely owned by the state.