New Diablo Military District

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New Diablo Military District
New Diablo.png

Beauty & Defense
Spokane, Wa; Polly Judd Park, Spokane, WA
Capital cityFort Isenhall
Largest cityFort Isenhall
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Roman Catholic (Pre Vatican II)
DemonymNew Diabloan
GovernmentMilitary District
- Governor-GeneralMaximillian Jerome Kasbar
EstablishedOctober 8th 2010
Area claimedN/A
Population1 (recognized)
CurrencyU.S. Dollar
Time zonePacific Time Zone


New Diablo Military District is the current military district, where all military training, & tests are taken place.


On August 8, 2010, New Diablo National Park was founded, & had no activity, until October 13, when the military district expanded to the nearest park, Polly Judd Park, for a fort, & base for the military district; also, Polly Judd Park was changed into a national park, therefore creating Virgili National Park.

Virgili National Park

Virgili National Park was founded on the expansion of New Diablo Military District. The things it has to offer are:

-Fort Isenhall Military Area (2 playground toys (The larger one is Fort Isenhall), & one swing set)

-Green grass

-Gravel Roads

-Trees, &

-A breathtaking view of Latah Valley, & the Highway Bridge, from the American side, near to the Istorian side.