New Dell

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Territory of New Dell
Cracrack cr Cra Crackcrcra
Territory of the Kingdom of Paxland
Flag of Territory of New Dell
Gas Capital of the Universe
"In New Dell all is well"
Anthem: Tis the Land of Dell
CountryKingdom of Paxland
FoundedMay 31st, 2018
Founded byPrincess Baroness Jonell Cummings
 • BaronPrincess Baroness Jonell Cummings
 (August, 2018 Census)
 • Total2
Time zoneUTC-5

The Territory of New Dell is the most productive territory in the Kingdom of Paxland since May 31, 2018. The Baron of New Dell is Princess Baroness Jonell Cummings, and she has been since the founding of New Dell.



Before the Territory of New Dell became a territory of the Kingdom of Paxland, it was inhabited by people of the Manatosa culture around 500 B.C. along with the Tocobaga and Pohoy people.

Spanish rule

In 1582, the Narváez Expedition crew members landed near the Kingdom of Paxland but moved out of the area to look for jewels. Then in 1594, the Hernando de Soto's Expedition. Hernando de Soto conducted a peace treaty with the natives near the Dependent Province of New Leafania, which was quickly forgotten by the Spanish. Spain lost this area in 1763, only to regain it in 1783 as a part of the Treaty of Paris.

British rule

The British acquired Florida in 1763 as a party of a treaty. The British lost Florida in 1783 as a part of the Treaty of Paris.

American rule

In 1821, the United States of America bought Florida from Spain, allegedly, mainly to end the Indian raids. They also created Fort Brooke to enforce the provisions of the Treaty that allowed Florida to become American to the Native Americans in Florida.

Information from,_Florida

Micronationalism Era

The area that the Territory of New Dell is a piece of land that used to be a province of the Republic of Tamcoop called Grandland. The area that Tamcoop controlled over the land, nothing happened historic- wise, but that was before the Tamcoop Provincial System Collapse. The Tamcoop Provincial System Collapse happened on April 27, 2017, when former Governor of the Tamcoopese province of Macn'chezland Ryan Funk hacked into the Tamcoop Provincial System and removed every single Tamcoop province, except for the ones in the mainland and Fort Cusin since they were in a separate Provincial System.

Paxlandic Rule

On May 31, 2018, King Cooper Narceus and Lord Knight Prince Roger Girouxski took over the Territory of New Dell by planting a Flag of New Dell on the New Dell Capital Staff.


The Territory of New Dell is an average sized territory of the Kingdom of Paxland on a property in Florida with a small house on it.



The Territory of New Dell's official religion is Christianity.


Since the Dependent Province of Grassfull has no population, they just made the national language the dependent provincial religion. So, it is English.


Barons and Baronesses

This is the list of Barons and Baronesses of the Dependent Province of Grassfull.

Barons and Baronesses
# Took Position Left Position Picture Name Royal Family
1 May 27, 2018 Current King Cooper Narceus Narceus Royal Family