New Alexandria, The Currvanian Empire

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The Currvanian Empire

Central Floridian Peninsula
Official language(s)English and Classical Latin
- Lord MayorChristopher Curry
Area claimed.24 acres
Population1 (As of June 2020)
Time zone(EST/ET)
New Alexandria is the capital of the Currvanian Empire. It is located in Central Florida near the United States settlement of Orlando.


The Declaration of Basic Law and Constitution of The Currvanian Empire established New Alexandria as the name of the capital. Once the location was chosen it was named "New Alexandria". Three people, including the Emperor lived there, upon the death on one resident the Emperor moved into another province and made it the new capital. Since the Constitution dictates the capitals name, this new location was named "New Alexandria" and the other province was renamed "The County of Otterbein" and it is now used for ceremonial duties and the like. Otterbein is where the Imperial throne is and also where the Crown, Sceptre, and Imperial Chalice are kept.