Neuvillish Royal Army

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Sijerʻdnuwerdezji Knusijsahdwerpa
Neuvillish Royal Army
Sijerʻdnuwerdezji Knusijsahdwerpa.png
Flag of the SK
Active 19 February 2018 - present
Country Flag of Neuvilleland.png Kingdom of Neuvilleland
Type Army
Part of Military of Neuvilleland
Headquarters Nuahwezusijjer
Motto ïjiwd tahijesijwi liahsrawedenuahk knusijsahdwerpa
(Neuvillish: death to all foes of the Kingdom)
Weapons Airguns / Crossbows / Black-powder rockets / Spears / Machetes
Field Marshal Ahrtši Ga'kkengull

The Neuvillish Royal Army (Neuvillish: Sijerʻdnuwerdezji Knusijsahdwerpa) is as the single existent branch of the Kingdom of Neuvilleland.

Alongside the Neuvillish Royal Navy and Neyvillish Royal Airforce, both of which exist merely on paper, it forms the greater Neuvillish Armed Forces. However, since it is the only active branch of the military, the Royal Army is often seen as being synonymous with the armed forces as a whole.


The Neuvillish Army was founded by Sdigerʻk shortly after the creation of the original Republic, consisting of only three soldiers armed with Nerf guns, the army was seen as highly ineffective and under-supplied. Despite the lack of manpower and weaponry, the army managed to complete several successful projects, such as creating an assault vehicle from a ride-on lawn mower. The creation of a proto-type microlight was also attempted, however aborted due to lack of funding.

Eventually, the Neuvillish Army created its first artillery battery, consisting of modified fireworks fired out of metal pipes.

Following the National Resurrection, a complete overhaul of the army took place, consisting of both a recruitment drive and complete rearmament of the army, with the Sdigerʻk-era airguns being replaced by more effective weapons.

Equipment and tactics

Neuvillish infantry uniforms.

The standard Neuvillish infantry uniform consists of a Prussian-style "Dunkelblau" coat alongside dark grey trousers and black boots. Skirmishers, however, wear DPM camouflage.

The Neuvillish Royal Army is divided into ranged, melee and artillery units. The current Neuvillish Royal Army stockpile consists of 11 bolt action air rifle, 1 semi-automatic air rifle, 1 black powder cannon, 2 crossbows and 20 spears.

The officially designated standard basic ranged infantry weapon for the Neuvillish Army is a .22 bolt action air rifle. Air-gunners are intended to provide massed-fire into enemy ranks.

Skirmishers armed with scoped air rifles or scoped crossbows, are deployed as sniper units. The Akebarian Regiment is renowned for its use of crossbows.

The standard melee infantry weapon is a pike or spear, with machetes also being used as secondary weapons. Melee units are primarily deployed to protect ranged units, which are particularly vulnerable to attack while reloading.

Neuvillish artillery units are armed with black powder rockets and one 20mm black powder cannon.