Neutral Moresnet

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Neutral Moresnet

Map of lundian influance withing the benelux.jpg
Official language(s)Esperanto English Dutch German French
Official religion(s)UNKNOWN
- GovernorDavid Malins(Appointed Temporary)
- Secondary GovernorNot yet appointed
Area claimedUnknown
PopulationUnknow Population retain the right to remain Belgian citizens
Time zone(UTC)
National drinkHot chocolate
National animalPuffin
Patron saintSaint Petroc

History Click on this link to be informed of the pre-rivival history of Moresnet

Moresnet was revived as a tribute state by the king of lundy Levi Newman, the state is intended to be governed by people from either the Micronations and Alternative Polities Or United Micro nations. Levi Newman refuses to govern it due to other involvements. the state is not meant for a governing it isent even apart of the lundian realm, it is mostly for the Esperantists and micronationalists.