Nazavad language

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Nazavad language Nazagad cozüq
Spoken in: New Cheslovia Collective
Total speakers: 2
Location: Europe
Language family:
Official language of:

The Nazavad language was created in the New Cheslovia Collective. Nazavad is expected to become the most popular language in the New Cheslovia Collective.

Unlike most other Baltiak languages, excluding Cheslovian Nazagad has a very complex grammar system, for example, the word "want" is a suffix, for example "Ë qärasef" (i want a car) and "Ë qezmaigsef" (i want a camera), the word have/got is also a prefix for example "Ë täixmecëfta" (i have a drink) "Nas pzexcëfta" (you have a truck). Nazavad is already known for being a successful Baltiak language in terms of grammar innovation.

Article one of the Human Rights
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Ühorn on zeq tam Qëron ütrazep
Uuren Qëronzep cifte dï sopördim öd häradeq aq qaigc öd ütrazep. Quuqcen cifte hüraffac dën oroz öd tahröge öd xehä ceta dsfrëtt on hidar aq ö qädalamir zeq iepïqähän.