National symbols of Liber

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These are a list of national symbols of the Republic of Liber.

National Flag


The national flag of Liber is a 2:3 ratio flag with equal thirds: the top third being blue, the middle third being white, and the bottom third being golden yellow. The sky blue symbolizes the sky and the possibility to grow, the white symbolizes peace and Liber's pacifist policy, and the golden yellow representing the Liberese people. The current flag was adopted on 15 January 2018.

Scheme Blue White Yellow
RGB 0-163-233 255-255-255 255-243-0
Hex #00A3E9 #FFFFFF #FFF300

Coat of Arms


The coat of arms of Liber is a shield design with olive branches, symbolizing victory and peace, and the Liberese flag in the center.