National anthem of the West Soviet Union

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The People's March
Flag of the WUSSR
Anthem of WUSSR
Lyrics[Removed for Privacy Reasons]
MusicAlexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov

The 'National Anthem of the West Soviet Union' (Alternatively 'Hymn of the WUSSR') is the national anthem of the WUSSR.


United forever in friendship and labor

our mighty Republics will ever endure

the West Soviet Union

will live through the ages

the dream of a people

their endeavors immured


Long live our Soviet Motherland

built by the people's mighty hand.

Long live her people united and free

strong in a friendship tried by fire

long may her crimson flag inspire

shining in glory for all men to see.

Through days dark and stormy

that great Lenin leads us

our eyes see the bright sun of Freedom above

and trusty our leaders

with faith in the people

inspire us to build the land that we love.


We fight for the future

striving for greatness

bringing to our homeland

the laurels of fame.

A glory will live in the memory of nations

and all generations will honor her name.


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