National Anthem of Bascal

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Negara Bascal, Tanah Air-ku
(Bascal my homeland)
Coats of arms of Bascal..JPG
Coats of Arms of Bascal
Anthem ofBascal flag.jpg State of Bascal
LyricsAmir Syafiq, 2009
MusicPierre-Jean de Béranger 2009-2012
Charles Austin Miles 2013-present

Negara Bascal Tanah Air-ku or in English (Bascal my homeland) or sometimes called Bascal my motherland is the official anthem of the State of Bascal. It was composed by Amir Syafiq in 2009. The former national anthem onced used Negaraku tone due to lack of idea to make the national tone for the anthem. In 2013, a new national anthem was created but the title remained.

Lyrics (Old version)

Negara Bascal Tanah Airku
Malay lyrics English Lyrics Gutaish Lyrics
Official lyrics

Negaraku Tercinta
Engkaulah tanah air-ku
Tempatku dilahirkan
Dan tempatku dibesarkan

Kami harap kau akan kekal selamanya
Agar tuhan memanjangkan usia pemimpin

O, my beloved nation,
Thee are my homeland
Where i was born
And where i was being raised

We all hope, that thee remained forever
May god extend the life of the leader

Meinen velefvaën lank"ssen,
Ur de mei Hommlank"ss
Dheir mei de Hom
Ank dheir mei veen anthaaben

Vee ellen huup, eit ur valgh evedi
heir Allah forlangen de liiv de liideran

New Version

By 2013, the new national anthem is created to replace the old one. The melody is based on the Fijian national anthem.

Negara Bascal Tanah Airku
Malay lyrics English Lyrics
Official lyrics

Semua bangun dari tidur,

Titiskan peluh kita,

Mari kita bina negara


Dengarkan laungan semangat

untuk kita berjuang,

Majukan negara kita

Negara Bascal.


Ini Bascal, negara kita

Kita muda dan gagah

Untuk Bascal, Untuk Bangsa,

Naikkan nama negara,

Ini tanah kita, Jantung kita,

Selagi kita di dunia ini,

Ya tuhan kami berkatlah Bascal.

All wake from the sleep,

Let us drop our sweat,

Let us build our nation


Hear the cry of the spirit,

for us to strive,

forward our country,

the state of Bascal.


This is Bascal, our country

we are young and strong,

For Bascal, for our nation,

rise up the name of our country,

this is our land, our heart,

as long as we are still in this world,

Oh our god, bless Bascal.

  • The National anthem is sung in Malay language. English and Gutaish lyrics is just a translation from the Malay language.