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Capital city
Country Brotherhood of the United Blocks
Founded byMibu
 • TypeCabinet administration
 • Total44
 • Rank1st in FBU
Time zoneUTC+2
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3

Naoi, the capital of the Brotherhood of the United Blocks (FBU), is a city with a distinct identity and a place of great significance for the entire micronation. Incorporating unique traditions and efficient administration, Naoi is considered the power center of FBU, serving as the political, administrative, cultural, and religious hub, hosting the headquarters of the Pinched Church.

With an impressive combination of cultural influences, efficient governance, and profound spirituality, the city of Naoi represents an emblem of unity and development for FBU, being a source of pride and unity for the entire community.


The etymology of the name Naoi reflects the FBU tradition of writing the names of important personalities in micronational history in reverse. Thus, Naoi derives from Ioan, a significant Romanian name that is reversed. This tradition adds a distinctive and unique element to the FBU identity.

Population and Administration

Located in the heart of FBU, Naoi is home to a permanent population of 44 residents, contributing to the dynamism and diversity of the city. Built on the Minecraft platform, the city impresses with its creative and detailed architecture, bearing witness to the ingenuity and talent of the FBU community. As the capital, the city is under the direct administration of the central government, ensuring the proper functioning of institutions and public services.


In the capital, all the important institutions of the United Blocs Fraternity are located, such as the Cabinet of Ministers and the Șueta (Parliament), as well as the headquarters of political parties. Additionally, Naoi is also the residence of the FBU monarch. The Royal Palace in Naoi serves as the official residence of the monarch and a central location for meetings and royal events. Queen Constanța is a respected and beloved figure among the population, and her activities promote the unity and values of the nation.

A remarkable aspect of the FBU capital is the Diplomatic Quarter, a special area dedicated to the diplomatic representations of micronations. Here, other micronations can build embassies or request the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to construct them. This quarter serves as a space for meeting and cooperation between FBU and other micronation communities, promoting dialogue and cultural exchanges.

Transportation and Connectivity

The transportation infrastructure in Naoi is provided by the Public Transport Society (STP - abbreviation from Romanian), which efficiently manages the subway, tram, buses, and the local airport. This transport system allows residents and visitors to move quickly and comfortably within the city and to other cities in FBU.

Cultural and Religious Center

Naoi is an important cultural and artistic center of FBU. The city hosts numerous cultural institutions such as museums, art galleries, and theaters, promoting art, history, and the heritage of FBU. Cultural events and festivals organized in Naoi attract both residents and visitors from other micronations, contributing to the diversity and cultural vitality of FBU.

In addition to its central role in FBU administration, Naoi is also a significant spiritual center due to the presence of the Pinched Church and its leader, Bazileu Ciupit Piky. This adds a sacred dimension to the city and attracts believers and pilgrims from the entire micronation.