Museums of Woodlandia

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Museums located in the Principality of Woodlandia are Crown corporations.

Royal Woodlandia Heritage Museum

Logo of the Royal Woodlandia Heritage Museum (R.W.H.M.)

The Royal Woodlandia Heritage Museum (R.W.H.M.) - Features a collection of historical Canadian and Woodlandian heritage artifacts and memorabilia. The museum is themed around the heritage, history, culture and formation of the two countries, including the separation of Woodlandia. All the museums artifacts are cataloged and archived by the Royal Woodlandia Historical Society (R.W.H.S.), who are responsible for the preservation and care of artifacts. All artifacts are currently housed in a temperature controlled warehouse storage facility, and are cared for, until a permanent location is established.

Types of Collections

Royal Artifacts

The Royal Woodlandia Heritage Museum houses a wide range of artifacts about the history of the Canadian and Woodlandia Monarchy. Visitors can view artifacts from current and previous monarchs reign. Artifacts from eras such as the 1977 Sliver Jubilee (1952-1977) of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and Canada include unique items such as a flower vase and a sliver plated ashtray. Other artifacts include a large volume of coins and banknotes, antique newspapers, vintage magazines, fine bone china plates and mugs, silver spoons, books, and many others. Artifacts are usually donated. Many items have been personally donated by HRH the Sovereign Prince Shawn, such as an official Canadian poster of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, donated from the Prince's personal collection. The poster was originally a gift to the Prince from the Governor General of Canada on behalf of Her majesty the Queen. The museum displays a large range of artifacts about the Royal family of Queen Elizabeth II. Visitors can view artifacts from different periods of history of the Royal family such as, the 1981 marriage of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer, the birth of Prince William of Wales, and the marriage of Prince William to Catherine Middleton, among many others.

Oldest Artifacts

The museum houses a variety of vintage and antique artifacts ranging from a Johnson Brothers Jasper mug from the 1937 Coronation of King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom and Canada, a (1933) hardcover reprint of Queen Victoria by Lytton Strachey, to a rare ancient Roman coin, over 1600 years old; currently the museums oldest artifact.

Royal Pop Culture Museum

The Royal Pop Culture Museum (R.P.C.M.) - Features a collection of Woodlandia and Canadian pop cultural artifacts and memorabilia. The museum is themed mostly around English, Canadian and Woodlandian pop culture. Occasionally other countries are featured.


- A rare concert ticket, from a 30 July 2003, Rolling Stones SARS Benefit Concert, the largest outdoor ticketed event in Canadian history and one of the largest in North American history. The benefit concert ticket was donated to the Royal pop culture museum by HRH Prince Shawn from his personal collection. The ticket originally belonged to the Prince, who attended the concert with friends when he was 16 years old.