Muddywater Republic

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The Micronation of Muddywater Republic is a small, North American micronation established on 30 March 2012. It is a semi-serious micronation with many territories. It is landlocked by the US state of Indiana for the most part.

Government Republic
Population 2 Citizens and 1 Resident Alien
Capital Capital Valley Provence
Area (Provences and overseas territories combined) App. 80 square miles
Water Area App. 1 Acre
Founder T. Wilkinson
Laungage American English
Currency Buckian (Symbol: B~n)
Measurement Imperial
Age of Liberty

No liberty age 12 and younger (Child)

Partial liberty at age 13 (Minor)

Full liberty at age 16 (Adult)

Marriage Law

Adult-adult only marriages

Relationship Law

Same age group only relationships

Primary Industries

Mechinical Pencil Repair and Salvage

Lawn Care

Novel Writing

Internet TLD .mud (proposed)


Muddywater has no official declaration of Independece, but it is generally considered sovereign.


For a young 6th world micronation, Muddywater has very colorful culture. Many would consider the Muddywater culture to be "redneck" or "hillbilly" in nature, but it is culture. The pillars of the culture are country music, tractors, pick-up trucks, fishing, hunting, and playing darts.


Muddywater is diveded into two main catagories, Provences and overseas territories. Provences are populated areas that are home to some type of potential tourist atraction and are represented in the government. Overseas territories on the other hand are remotely located, unpopulated, often desolate areas that are territory of Muddywater. Overseas teritories may or may not be avialable for devolpment in the future.


Capital Valley Provence-The Capital of Muddywater

Lapping Pond Provence

Overseas Territories

Sture Island, Antartica

Pluto's moon; Hydra

Information on Hydra

Hydra is Pluto's outermost moon. It was discovered by the American Hubble telescope in 2005. Muddywater is the only nation claiming this tiny moon. Hydra is called an overseas territory even though much more than an ocean seperates the homeland provences from the only planet ruled by Muddywater.

Size mean radius of 52 miles and 343 and 1/2 yards
Surface Temperture -360.67 Degrees Farienheit
Year Time 38.206 Earth days



The government of Muddywater is set up in democratic style, with a representitive component. Each Provence, through a simple majority vote, elects a Govenor and a Presidential Canidate. The Govenor serves as that Provence's representive. As far as the Presidental election is concerned, the canidate who gets the most Provence endorsements wins.


The only military force possessed by Muddywater is the Woodland Guard. The Woodland Guard is divided into three main divisions, each one styled after a specific a service (Navy, Air Force and Army), however there has been talk about further dividing them into separate branches. The Woodland Guard uses a simple rank system and wears camouflage uniforms. The Woodland Guard uses airsoft weapons to defend Muddywater if all else fails, but this has yet to be needed. Provinces are authorized to have their own Province Level Military, but a province Governor has yet to organize one.

Law Enforcement

Muddywater has only one law enforcement agency which is operated by the national government. The National Police serve as the enforcers of micronational law. Provinces are authorized to have their own local Police, but a province Governor has yet to organize one.

Military Conflicts

The Hasslewood Conflict

After the Republic annexed Hasslewood Rock, the Kingdom of Domus reacted swiftly by declaring war when Muddywater refused to release the claim. Domus claims that Hasslewood is a "Royal Holding" and that Muddywater was claiming there territory. The President reacted by insisting that Hasslewood is seperate island from Rockall, which was what the Domus claim annexed. Muddywater has not officialy declared war, but awarded it Conflict Status, while Domus declared an official state of war. After several days, the Conflict was resolved after Domus and Muddywater reached an agreement. The terms of the agreement are as follows:

1. Domus must not take agressive action agianst Muddywater and must agree to end the war 2. Domus must not use their allies to indirectly attack Muddywater 3. Domus must recognize all other claims of Muddywater and agree not to dispute them 4. Domus must recoginze the ending of the war as an Honorable and Condtional Withdraw of Muddywater

Muddywater withdrew from the conflict and released Hasslewood Rock on 6 April 2012.