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The Free Republic of Tobekland, more commonly known as Mountherland or Tobekland, is a micronation in Czech Republic. Mountherland also has several colonies in Norway. The capital is TobekCity.

Free Republic of Mountherland
Mountherland flag.png

United is Invincible
Mountherland is our country
Capital cityTobekCity
Official language(s)Czech, English
Official religion(s)none, Felesism
Established21 April 2019
Area claimed2375 m²
CurrencyMountherland Dolar
Time zoneUTC+1
National sportPétanque
National animalblack cat


The president has the highest power. The president makes laws as he wants. If someone disagrees with a law, they can write a petition. Then a nationwide referendum will take place. Mountherland's laws are in the Basic Constitution and Collection of Laws.


the first mention of people living in Tobekland comes from 2005. In 2019 Mountherland was founded here. From 1.1.2020

State-Claimed Territories

Mountherland claims a peninsula = (59°06'16.6"N 9°13'24.8"E) and small island = (59°06'15.6"N 9°13'46.5"E) on Lake Henseidvannet in Norway

Public Holidays

1.10 - Feast of Saint Břetislav

20.4- Flag day

21.4.- the day of the declaration of the state


Mountherland pays Mountherland dolar (dolar with one L). The Mountherland dolar is denoted MTD.

Mountherland dolar is:

1 0,38 0,43 3,81 10 1,60 0,35
MTD Emblem


in Mountherland is 14 meters of Highway (X1). The X1 highway was opened in 2019. The highway leads from the state border to TobekCity. From the TobekCity leads road M14 to south.

max Speed km/h MPH
Highway 100 62
Road 30 18
City 5 3
All around 10 6

state brand cars:

For Cars

For Motorbike

For government service vehicles

Division of Mountherland

Monterlant consists of two main areas. Tobekland and NorthlandAnd Mountherland and Northland is divided on six regions (flykens)

Name size population in state Brand Area
Frontier territory 70 m² 0 CZ F Tobekland
Northern Mountherland 526 m² 0 CZ N Tobekland
TobekCity 419 m² 3 CZ T Tobekland
Southern Mountherland 1073 m² 0 CZ S Tobekland
Westfold 305 m² 0 CZ W Tobekland
Alfland 200 m² 0 NO A Northland
Mounther's Island 1503 m² 0 NO M Northland