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The Republic of Mountherland, more commonly known as Mountherland or Tobekland, is a micronation in Czech Republic. The capital is TobekCity.

Republic of Mountherland
Mountherland flag.png

Capital cityTobekCity
Official language(s)Czech, English
Official religion(s)none
Established21 April 2019
Area claimed2375 m²
CurrencyMountherland Bød
Time zoneUTC+1
National sportPétanque
National animalblack cat

State system

The Government of Mountherland consists of 11 Offices. The government is chaired by the President. Legislative power also belongs to the president. All Citizens belong to the Council of State. This state council, for example, affirms the confidence of the president and the state judge. The Council of State can propose laws to the president. The judiciary belongs to the State Judge, who is elected in the elections. The owner of the republic decides on buildings in the territory of Mountherland.


In 2005, the land was bought, in 2019, the state itself was founded. In February 2021, Mountherland underwent Reform of the state system.


The constitution determines the election of the President, every two years on April 14 and 15. And also the election of a state judge, every two years on April 16 and 17.

Point financial system

Mountherland is known for its own financial points system. Every citizen has his / her own account, to which he/she receives a permanent income for work from the state every month. The currency of Mountherland is the Bød.


Mountherland is located in a temperate zone, the temperature here in summer reaches up to 34 ° C, and in winter up to -10 ° C.