Monarchy of Roscam

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King of Roscam
Monarchy abolished

Style His Imperial Majesty
Heir presumptive none (Monarchy abolished) since 3 November 2021
First monarch Regent Andrew
Formation 3 August 2021

The Monarchy of Roscamwas the regional elective monarchy and autonomous government of the Roscam Royal Region, located in Greater Roscam province, and vacant with Andrew Brotherton as being the only Prince Regent until 3 November 2021.

History of the revived position

The Monarchy of Roscam was revived after the abolition of the co-kingship in February 2021 by Andrew Brotherton with the establishment of the Presidency of Roscamistan. The office was empty and the planned election to be held next year on the one anniversary of the Republic of Roscamistan was cancelled upon the dissolution of the position in the Reforms of November.