Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Bysalia)

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Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
Ministry overview
Formed 2013
Headquarters Hereford
Minister responsible John Gordon
Child agencies

Border and Immigration Control

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for managing Bysalia's External and Foreign Affairs and to maintain a Bysalian Influence abroad. Bysalia has a very open and relaxed foreign policy towards other micronation's, however Bysalia will not recognize any micronation that claims Bysalian territory or outlandish claims. Bysalia also does not recognize extraterrestrial claims.

Diplomatic Relations

States with Mutual Recognition

Federation of Zealandia

State of Sandus

DES Senya

Republic of Molossia

States that Bysalia Recognises but not mutual

Kingdom of Juclandia

Empire of Austenasia


South Ossetia

South Sudan

New Westphalia

Federal Republic of St.Charlie

Federal Republic of Bysalia