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MicroProject Flag Cleanup is a community effort to assist in cleaning up flags on Microwiki. This includes:

  • Renaming flags to proper names, for example "Examplestan flag"/"Examplestan's Flag → "Flag of Examplestan"
  • Vectorizing simple flags and marking the original for deletion
  • Removing duplicate flags of the same nation or organization (and when necessary, replacing with existing vector version)

You are free to participate by locating unvectorized flags of micro and macronations and replacing them with their vectorized counterparts. For icons, use {{flag}} and {{flagicon}} where needed.

What to look for:

  • Flags ending in ".svg.png" (remnant of improperly downloading from Wikipedia and MicroWiki)
  • Unvectorized/raster (jpeg/jpg, png, gif) files of already-vectorized files (most often macronations)
  • Duplicate flags of the same nation/organization

Renamed files needing link cleanup

Files are captioned with the NAME TO REMOVE

Simple flags to vectorize

Please move unvectorized files to § Pending deletion after uploading the vectorized version.

Unvectorized files to remove and delete

Files are captioned with the CORRECT FILE TO USE.

Pending deletion

Files removed from pages and marked with {{speedydelete}}