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Chapter One, Lesson One - Basic conversation: In this chapter you'll study basic conversations.


Speakers Kuhugi English
Aleśna Sánávas! Hello.
Kukápa Sánávas! Hi (to you too)!
Aleśna Xal máyen zoe puna? What's your name?
Kukápa Yoe puna máyen Kukápa. Xal máyen zoe puna? My name is Kukaipa. What's your name?
Aleśna Aleśna. Aleshna.
Kukápa Xap zo gásven? How are you?
Aleśna Ranes. Good.
Kukápa Alknáven. Goodbye.
Aleśna Alknáven. Goodbye.

Word Order

The word order in Kuhugi is SVO (subject-verb-object)