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Possible origin of the term micronation in The People's Almanac #2

A micronation is, broadly speaking, any self-proclaimed sovereign state without international recognition that is treated differently to a state with limited recognition. There is no widely accepted consensus on the definition of a micronation within the field of micropatriology. Geographically, most micronations are very small, are often the outgrowth of a single individual, rely on their sovereign state (macronation) to some extent, and mimic nation-states by proclaiming national symbols—such as a flag—and issuing coins, banknotes or passports. Micronations can be founded for a variety of reasons, including discontent with one's country, personal entertainment, theoretical experimentation, protest, artistic expression, satire, tourism and the conduct of criminal activity. Most micronational claims are considered trivial enough to be ignored by the sovereign states whose territory they claim. (more...).