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Kingdom of Gradonia

Flag of Gradonia

The Kingdom of Gradonia, also referred to a Gradonia, is an independent Monarchy, commonly referred to as a Micronation. Gradonia is a nation landlocked within Texas, United States. Gradonia claims 1.752 square Kilometers, excluding colonial holdings, and has a population of 43. Gradonia was originally started as a political experiment in January 2018, but later became a secessionist movement shortly before the election of its first, and only, president. The Presidential Authoritarian democracy would transition to monarchy after the Monarchist Referendum and Assembly of Parties in June-August 2019 The monarch of Gradonia currently serves as head of state and government, the position is currently held by King William I. The other main body of government is the Konlichstag, an appointed aristocratic parliament made up of six Dukes and twelve Marquis which represent the six provinces and twelve marches of Gradonia. (More...)