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Observergate front cover

"Observergate" was a journalism scandal that erupted in September 2009 and was centred on the St.Charlian Observer and the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia. Carl Pierson, an Erusian legislator, sparked the conflict after he sent the Observer a damning letter describing Erusia as dictatorial and undemocratic. Tensions between Erusia and St.Charlie escalated rapidly and following the publishing of Erusia's official response in the Observer, a two-month period of cold relations followed. Although at the time it appeared to be a genuine information leak, in light of the departure of Robert Lethler from the community Observergate has been shown be a complex machination of his, intended to investigate the effects of newspaper censorship on the liberal democracies of the community. Prior to the scandal, the Federal Republic of St.Charlie and the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia enjoyed positive foreign relations and bilateral ties, having previously signed a mutual non-aggression pact which prevented both countries from involving themselves in the affairs of the other. (more...)