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Kingdom of Sabia and Verona

Coat of arms of Sabia and Verona
The Kingdom of Sabia and Verona (Sabian: doga sabiann veronarra, pronounced: [ˈdoɡä ˈsaːbjanː veɾɔˈnara]; lit. "Nation of Sabia and Verona"), simply known as Sabia and Verona (/ˈsæbiə ən bɛrɒnə/; sabia i verona), also referred to by the acronym SiV, and known poetically as Valtiria, is a Valtir sector micronation claiming sovereignty over territories in Western Venezuela and Argentina. The South American kingdom was founded as an overseas territory of the Kingdom of Juclandia, another micronation based in Romania. The Alios Agreement, signed in 2016, resulted in the complete independence of Sabia and Verona as a micronation from Juclandia. Both nations share a long history together and have many cultural traits in common, the most notable of which is the recognition of stuffed toys as citizens, and their active participation in the nation's society and politics. (more...)