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Tsardom of Pavlov

Arms of Pavlov
Pavlov, officially the Tsardom of Pavlov, is a micronational sociocultural project emulating a nation state, ruled as an absolutely monarchy largely based on the culture of the Russian Tsardom and Kievan Rus', with territorial claims in various locations across Europe. Pavlov can be classified as a historical simulation of the medieval Rus principalities and Russia under Ivan Grozny, being an example of themed micronationalism; as such, it reintroduced the Oprichnina and the Julian Calendar. Its government is known for its conservative views, support of the Flat Earth theory and many bans, such as on atheism, shaving, music and communism. The name of the Tsar of Pavlov, Alexander IV, is styled in the way of continuing the numeration of the Rus' Grand Princes. (more...)