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New Llandudno

New Llandudno

New Llandudno (/njɛwlænˈdɪdn/ (About this sound (listen))) is a city located within Northern Aenopia, Empire of Aenopia. Comprised of a small section of forest next to a field in Northern England, New Llandudno was formerly the capital of both Aenopia and New Cymru until the latter's dissolution, before it lost the title to New Aberdare following the annexation of Greater New Aberdare. Although it has no inhabitants, Aenopian law is enforced by the Emperor, and the territory is defended by the Aenopian Airforce. It is the county town of New Llandudno and Subsidiaries. The name New Llandudno comes from the Welsh seaside resort named Llandudno located in North Wales. Like numerous other Aenopian settlements, the city name was devised from a culmination of the prefix 'New' and the name of a Welsh settlement. (more...)