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Republic of Secundomia

Secundomian Coat of Arms

The Republic of Secundomia (pronounced [sɛkʊndoʊmiə]), also known as Secundomia (Secundomian:ǂƿǂ፥ˠ፥Ꮩƪ pronounced [kʂɛkʂuːɳtuːmjɛ]), was a sixth world nation founded by Parker I and Spencer I formed on 16 December 2009. Secundomia grew to be a respected member of the MicroWiki community and was ranked tenth in the first OAM Influence Survey. Secundomia at its peak had eleven registered citizens, ten of which were above voting age. The nation was led by President Parker I. Secundomia later became a member of the Eran Federation in 2012. Currently, the land of Secundomia is part of the Secundomian Federation as the Socialist Republic of Secundomia. (more...)