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Reylan Imperial Triumvirate

Imperial Flag

The Reylan Imperial Triumvirate (also commonly referred to as The Reylan Empire, The Imperium or The Empire) is a territorial European based micronation, with a government based in a landlocked enclave within the United Kingdom. De jure a decentralised imperial triumvirate, the Empire is de facto an absolute monarchy, ruled by the Emperor, HIM Taeglan I Nihilus, who is also its founder. Current Imperial policy precludes Imperial membership in intermicronational organisations, although the Empire is active in calling for an end to what the Emperor has described as 'frivolous' micronational activities, as well as an open and outspoken opposition to the so-called 'wars' perpetuated by some members of the micronational community. By the standards of many micronations, the Empire is stable, having not had a change of governmental form for over four years. This, combined with a lack of scandals and negative interactions with other micronations has lead to the Empire being considered 'dull' by some; however, the Empire in fact has a highly developed infrastructure, and entertains cordial relations with many micronations within and without the MicroWiki sphere. (more...)