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Abeldane Empire

Flag of Abelden
Abelden, officially known as the Abeldane Empire and the Commonwealth or more commonly as the Abeldane Empire, is a micronation with claims in North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Antarctica. It is governed under a federal semi-constitutional monarchy and a unicameral parliament. The Empire consists of five federal states. Each federal state is headed by its own monarch and may also include a head of government, with Alenshka being the seat of the Abeldane Monarchy and the King of Alenshka being the Monarch at the same time. Newton I is the current Monarch, with Stephen Freayth being the present Vorsitzender. The government is mostly based on the former German Empire, and the Empire maintains democratic values and basic micronational ideas to be integrated everywhere. Cultural diversity has a prominent place in the history of Abelden. (more...)