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Running the MicroWiki site isn't free, so we had to find some way of paying for the site. The obvious choice is adverts. Annoying though some of them may be, they are needed in order to provide the needed funds to keep the site up and running, and also to make dealing with the constant technical problems a little more palatable - at least we have a monetary incentive for keeping it up now! (Note: you didn't see that --Demontux).

One of our advertising hosts, adBrite, allows us to select adverts to bar from being shown on our site (Busty Russians being the case in point), so if you let us know about an unsavoury advert being served on the site, then you can click the link below it and give me a tinkle about it, and chances are it'll be removed. Well, that particular instance of the advert, at least. adBrite don't have a particularly selective filter, and as far as I'm aware have no blacklist, so the ad might well appear even after it has been removed. Because of this, we'll slowly be phasing out the adBrite advertisements, in lieu of those served by Google, who at long last have approved us to show their adverts. Once the earnings from adBrite reach the payment threshold of £7.00 ($10.00), they will be removed completely, and Google will take over entirely.

There is no option to remove the adverts for end users, although you always have the option of installing advert-blocking software onto your computer if you come across an advert that you really do take exception to, although we would rather you at least had the Main Page unblocked - who knows, you may just see an advert that you're actually interested in. Any comments and complaints about the adverts may be posted on my talk page, and I will attempt to respond as soon as I can.

--User:Demontux - Egtavian President and Evil Oppressive Webmaster of Doom 17:24, 16 February 2011 (GMT)