Metropolitan City of Goha

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Metropolitan city of Goha
Ville métropolitaine de Goha (French)
Metropolitan City
Goha city
Flag of Metropolitan city of Goha
Official seal of Metropolitan city of Goha
Coat of arms of Metropolitan city of Goha
For God, Nation and Homeland
Anthem: Goha city song

National march: Navy march

Country Mondstadt
Region Mutsuba Town
EstablishOctober 5, 1992; 30 years ago (1992-10-05)
dissolutionFebruary 7, 2017
Re-establishApril 30, 2018; 5 years ago (2018-04-30)
Founded byTadashi Mutsuba
 • TypeParliamentary system under constitutional monarchy
 • BodyCity council of Goha
 • Supreme GeneralAsaka Mutsuba & Yuna Kirishima
 • MayorYuka Kamishiro & Kayama Shubēru
 • State advisorRinnosuke Nanahoshi & Romin Kirishima
 • Metropolitan City48.000 km2 (18.533 sq mi)
 • Urban
33.000 km2 (12.741 sq mi)
 • Rural
15.000 km2 (5.792 sq mi)
 • Metropolitan City49.608.540
 • Density2,236/km2 (5,790/sq mi)
 • Urban
 • Rural
Time zoneUTC+9 (CJST)

Metropolitan City of Goha is the Metropolitan City of Mondstadt. It is a corporate municipality run by Goha Enterprises Before, after it was revoked by parliament Mondstadt The city must be dissolved to transfer management rights to Mutsuba heavy machinery company, Later, half of the shares were transferred to an intergovernmental company with the code name UTS (Unite Town Spacement). After returning to UTS, Goha city was upgraded to an urban city with the town of Mutsuba as the center.

formerly the city has always controlled the liberties of the citizens and the daily necessities of the city's citizens, such as food, clothing, and even shelter, After this decision went into effect for some time, in 2018 Noriko Haruko issued a censorship ban on the staff and the president City of Goha because it concerns the privacy and freedom of the people and for the purpose of propaganda totalitarian dictatorship. the city was jointly built by Goha Enterprises and Mutsuba Heavy Machinery since 1990 from the smart city project, since 2004 together with Den city, Goha city has been officially recognized as a smart city.