Medal of Remembrance

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Medal of Remembrance
Medal of Remembrance.png
Medal of Remembrance
Awarded by the Territory of Sandus
Type State order with one rank
Awarded for Remembrance of all war victims and veterans, advancing the affairs for the respect and well-being of the war dead and/or veterans
Status Obsolete, Discontinued 30 July 2011
Established 5 January 2011
First awarded 5 January 2011
Discontinued 30 July 2011
Total awarded The maximum quotas:
Next (higher) Medal of Partnership
Next (lower) Ribbon of Pebon (Winter)
Ribbon of Flora (Spring)

The Medal of Remembrance was established on 5 January 2011 by the Territory of Sandus and now the State of Sandus. It was designed by Will Sörgel and has one rank, Officer.