Matthew McShane

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Matthew McShane
1st and 3rd President of Clivestan
Assumed office
13th March 2022
PremierBenjamin McShane
Preceded byOffice Established
Parliamentary groupDemocratic Party
1st Term
In office
1st August 2021 – 1st January 2022
Preceded byOffice Established
Chairman of the Halk Maslahaty
Assumed office
1st August 2021
Leader of the Democratic Party
Assumed office
1st August 2021
Preceded byBenjamin McShane
Shadow Minister of Defence
In office
22nd May 2021 – 5th August 2021
Succeeded byDaniel Savino (as Minister of Defence)
Chairman of the People’s National Transitional Military Council
In office
31st of July 2021 – 5th August 2021
Preceded byOffice Established
Succeeded byBenjamin McShane (as role of Premier)
Head of Command of Cliveland
In office
7th February 2018 – 1st August 2021
Chief of the General Staff
In office
12th February 2018 – 18th August 2021
Head of the North Western Cliveish Province
In office
7th May 2018 – 1st August 2021
1st President of Cliveland
In office
1st March 2017 – 29th July 2021
Preceded byOffice Established
Succeeded byOffice Abolished
Personal details
Matthew Joseph McShane

9th of March
Melbourne, Australia
Military service
AllegianceClivestan Armed Forces
Branch/serviceAir Force
RankColonel General
CommandsCliveabat Air District
Battles/warsCliveish Civil War

Cliveish 2nd Civil War

Cliveish 3rd Civil War

Battle against the Rebels (2018)
AwardsOrder of McShane

Order of the Star of McShane

Order of Clivestan

Clive Cross (Fascist Party)

Roll of Honor of the Reserve

Roll of Honor of the Air Force

Roll of Honor of the Navy

Matthew McShane is the now-President, former Supreme Leader of the People's Democratic Republic of Clivestan. He had been a member of the Military Junta that ousted former Cliveish leader. He changed the nation's name from Cliveland - To Clivestan.

The nation has been under speculation of it being a totalitarian dictatorship with the President having authority over aspects of normal life.


Matthew McShane is known to be the top candidate for his party - The People's Democratic Party of Clivestan, though not much is known about his campaigns. However, what is known is that he gets an overwhelming majority.

In the most recent election on the 13th of March 2022, after calling a snap election, McShane received 96% of the vote. Many criticizing the vote as unfair. McShane in 2020 received 75% of the vote for Halk Masahaty. However got less than 15% of vote for Premier Elections.

He now commonly gets over 90% for elections with many being considered unfair.

Other Information

He is widely seen as a dictator, however, he does have lots of support from the nation which he says are who decides who leads. He says that if the people want him out, he will not hesitate to leave office as it is the people's vote that counts - however this is widely criticized as it is believed elections are rigged.

He claims he created the coat of arms and national emblems and wrote the constitution.