Market Party of the WUSSR

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Market Party of The WUSSR
ChairmanMarkus Baryshnikov
FoundedMarch 14, 2012
HeadquartersArborville, WUSSR
Membership (2012)3
IdeologyCommunism, Market Socialism, Social Conservatism (Some)
Political positionCentre-left
ColorsRed, Green
People's National Assembly of the WUSSR
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The Market Party' is a political party in the WUSSR. It was founded as a more conservative party than the two currently existing. They also support the organization of the state as a kind of corporation, allowing for state capitalism to arise. The party's platform is on the centre-left. They also push for the ability of some citizens to privately own property.


The Market Party was formed along with the Evergreen Autonomous Socialist Republic in March 2012, following the wishes of prominent centrist leader and current Evergreen regional president Markus. The Evergreen ASR is seen as a far more moderate part of the country than its neighbor.

When the Republican Movement began, Markus signed an agreement to enter coalition with Kimbrell Ostrovsky for the 2013 election. This meant that a significant portion of the population had now created a large opposition to the strictly socialistic government of the WUSSR.

Party platform

This party opposes total communism and state ownership, wishing to allow for private sales and ownership within the nation. It also stands to improve what it sees as traditional values within the union, pushing for a more spiritual and orthodox nation.

List of Party leaders

Photo Name Leadership Positions Residual Republic Gained Leadership Lost leadership Notable Facts
N/A Markus Regional President of the Carolina SSR

Head of the Market Party

Evergreen ASR March 14, 2012 N/A Leader of the Centrist movement in the WUSSR

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