March on, oh Manitau!

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The official National Anthem of the Republic of Manitau.


Hail, O homeland! Your prodigal soil, sweet shelter and sustenance gives us.

March on oh Manitau,

Land of the Brave!

Rain and sunshine ever sending

Fill her fields with crops and flowers.

We must prosper! Sound the call,

In which everyone rejoices,

All for Each and Each for All!

Upward and onward we shall go,

Inspired, exulting, free

And greater our nation grow

In strength and unity.

To preserve your beauty we devised a plan

To retain ownership of your precious lands!

Progress caresses your path.

To the rhythm of a sublime song,

You see both your rulers feets.

Giving you a path to your noble mission

God bless our Manitau,

Beautiful and tall.