Malavnian Armed Forces

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Malavnian Armed Forces
Malavské Ozbrojené Síły

CoA of MalavnianArmedForces.png
Motto: Indomitable on land and in sky
Established May 2015
Country Republic of Malavnia
Branches Malavnian Air Force, Ground Forces of the Republic of Malavnia
Commander-in-Chief President of the Republic Jan Pokorny
Minister of Defense Ešo Jědlička
General information
Headquarters Klin, Republic of Malavnia
Active personnel 4
Budget MK 46.05 ($15) (2015)
Percent of GDP Inadequate data

The Malavnian Armed Forces comprises the Ground Forces and the Air Force of Malavnia. The president of the republic, Jan Pokorny, is the commander of the military; while the Minister of Defense, Ešo Jědlička, is tasked with coordinating the Armed Forces and the attainment of military hardware and supplies.