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MZM: Micronational Media Group
Industry Media
Owner Lachlan Powers (60%)

Inscriptvs (40%)

Main Headquaters Adelwin, Aerlig
Subsidiary Branches Tara, GC and Treesia
Net Worth TBA

MZM's origins can be traced back to 2001 with the formation of the Intermicronational Media and News Network. In 2002, IMNN moved from the Commonwealth of the Central Islands (CCI) to Aerlig where it began publishing the Aerlig Post. After Z Media Group was formed in 2003 in Mediterranea, and in 2004 AfterZ and IMNN unite into the AfterZ/IMNN Company. The group changed its name and organisation after the sale of 40% of the company in 2004 to the Micronational (After)Z Media Group, before becoming simply MZM: Micronational Media Group in late 2004.


MZM was fully owned by Lachlan Powers until 2004 when he sold 40% of the company to Inscriptvs Media Group (IMG) in Treesia in return for a 20% stake in IMG. Plans were discussed for the sale of the remaining stake of MZM to IMG, but never eventuated.



  • Apollo Inquisitor - Created from the merger of the Furball and Inquisitor.
  • Football Fever- MZM's sport publication designed to cover the EIFA and EMSL football leagues.
  • The Inquisitor- Exploring the murky undercurrents of micronationalism was the Inquisitor's slogan in 2004. This paper merged with the Apollo Furball into a blog form.
  • Apollo Furball - Picking up the gap left by the discontinuance of another Apollo paper, the Furball was published mainly out of Treesia in 2004. Lasted for more than 16 editions before merging with The Inquisitor.
  • Micronational Inquisitor - Short lived attempt at a foray into a micronational journal. That short, that only the cover and index page of the journal was released in 2003.
  • Aerlig Post - The original IMNN publication, existing for seven issues in 2002 and covering mainly Aerlig events.


  • MZM was one of the pioneers of micronational radio producing two broadcasts in a number of conlangs out of Mediterranea in 2004.

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