Lutheranian Aristocracy

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Lutheranian Aristocracy Overview

The Kingdom of Lutherania has an establised aristocracy who have seats on the Royal Council and act as His Majesty's representative (cerimonially) in the Provences. The Aristocracy have little powers outside the Royal Council but all have their repective title, arms and belong to Honours in the Kingdom. At present the Kingdom has 4 Dukedoms,3 marquessate's, 3 Earldoms, 4 Viscounty's and 2 Borony's.


The Dukedoms of the Kingdom are bestowed upon members of the Imperial Family.

  • Dukedom of Hale- HRH Prince James The Prince Consort
  • Dukedom of the Vale- Heiress presumtive HRH the Princess Elsie-Marie Taylor
  • Dukedom of Austingar- Dowerger Queen of Austinagar
  • Dukedom of Torosay- HRH the Princess Elsie-Marie Taylor


The Marquessate's are in the Kingdom of Lutherania the Highest rank in the Nobilty below the Royal Duke's, and therefore have order of precedence above the rest of the Aristocracy.

  • Marquessate of Catherineburg- Her Grace Lady Bethany
  • Marquessate of Coburg-Chadwich- Her Grace Lady Amber, Residence: Degier Castle
  • Marquessate of Kellen- His Grace Lord Bernard


  • Earldom of Pinguis Solum- His Grace lord Craige
  • Earldom of Bellum- Vacant
  • Earldom of South Mull- Vacant


  • Viscouty of Greenwood- Vacant
  • Viscouty of Tobermory- Vacant
  • Viscouty of Fionnphort- Vacant
  • Viscouty of Scridain- Vacant


  • Borony of Breetown- Lord Ian
  • Borony of Halewood-Her Highness Princess Jess