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Regulated byHouse of Cake
Spoken inLundy
Total speakers5+

Lundian (Often called Weird talk by people in London. And referred to as Lundian) is a creole like language, occasionally spoken by the lundian public,and school students in London. It is a combination of Dutch and English, though it is more influenced by English, thus why it is named Lundian-English


It was started in Elm court school, when Levi started speaking dutch to fellow students. Despite the fact that he got the pronounceations of the words wrong, people began to copy him (especially his swear words). But they dident use all the words,then again neither did Levi. but they chose to use fake words or edit the existing ones, thus their are individual dialects to the language, some of which are gibberish.

Plans for improvements

Levi has laid plans to improve the language extensively. which include the changing of the writing system, and the inclusion of more dutch in the language.